Personal Finance

What would you do with one million dollars? Spend it? Save it? Give to charity?

You will earn over a million dollars in your lifetime and you can choose to do whatever you want with it. Where will it go?


  • how to make a budget
  • the value of one cent
  • how to date without going broke
  • purchase an automobile
  • purchase insurance: auto, home, medical
  • set short, medium, and long term financial goals
  • to pay yourself first
  • shop for a financial institution
  • investing basics
  • and much more.


Course Objectives
The learner will: 

  1. evaluate financial decisions with basic money management principles
  2. understand the principle of budgeting small amounts in order to prepare for larger amounts
  3. explore various internet sites to help with financial management
  4. evaluate needs vs. wants in relation to available income
  5. determine short, medium, and long term goal
  6. understand five principles of saving
  7. compare banking options, banks, credit unions, commercial banks, savings and loan, and their various services
  8. understand how to use and not abuse credit
  9. manage risk with appropriate insurance
  10. explore investment opportunities

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